I hope y’all can join me in welcoming the following new students to 3 Peas in a Pony- we’re so excited to have you!
Sophie Neff is learning how to ride Vern at North Fields and after her second lesson, she is already getting into the rhythm of Vern’s (very perky) posting trot.  Sophie is a conscientious horsewoman who is taking in all the details of horse care, barn etiquette and of course, skill in the saddle.  Given that Sophie is so ambitious about her equine education, we’re sure to see her displaying her new-found skills once we’re all together again in the spring…and I can’t wait.  Welcome, Sophie!
Another equestrian joining us from Park City is Zoe Patton.  Zoe has a bit of riding experience with her family’s horses, but now she’s learning what it’s like to work with a horse of your own…and it’s a big job!  Vern is helping Zoe understand the importance of eyes and legs and hands with regard to giving her pony directions, and Zoe is definitely up for the task.  After only a few lessons, Zoe is already practicing her trot pole courses- what a talented rider!  Well done, Zoe!
Charlotte and Maggie Dunn are up-and-coming Eventers who ride at their new barn in Silver Creek in Park City.  Charlotte and Maggie share their pony Captain Jack, who is a very talented (and super fancy) 14h Paint, and he is so fun.  Charlotte is currently working on improving her confidence so that she can be a supportive and effective partner to Jack.  After all the work she’s been doing to improve her riding, she’ll definitely start next year’s show season with a bang!  And Maggie is not too far behind her sister.  Although Maggie will ultimately have a pony of her own, she’s been practicing being tough and clear with Jack, and he loves it!  It’s a pleasure working with these two girls and I’m so excited for what’s ahead of them:)
Liana Steward-Hunt originally comes from Toronto and now lives in Midway with her fiance.  Liana has extensive experience with horses of all kinds, and has a background in Hunters and Jumpers.  Now, at North Fields (and with the help of a very handsome Chestnut, Hadrian) Liana is fine-tuning her skills over fences- Eventer-style:)  Liana is a dedicated student who works diligenty to understand and apply important principles, and it is really a pleasure to watch all her hard work paying off!  Welcome, Liana!