We’d like to extend a HUGE welcome to 3 Peas in a Pony’s new students:
The Walterson Family has a whole farm of fabulous ponies at their home in Silver Creek.  Rick and Karen Walterson each have big, talented bays and they’re both learning how to take their skill in the saddle to new heights (literally).  Rick is combining his daredevil bravery with well-planned intention and Karen is practicing being foot-perfect outside her comfort zone.  Their daughter Brooke has the perfect mix of both her parents: with her pony, Moon, Brooke has been practicing her plan and (with a little push) her bravery.  I’m looking forward to watching The Waltersons take over the Eventing world- yeehaw!
Melissa Gorsuch boards her horse, Callie, at North Fields.  Given that Callie is still a youngster, Melissa is preparing for her mare’s promising career by practicing on Margaret’s young horse, Soro.  Melissa has a extensive horse background, including a stint as a racehorse jockey, and she’s learning how to focus her skill in the saddle so that her young horses can pick up on some of the confidence that Melissa brings.  Keep an eye out for Melissa’s future Young Event Horse- she’ll be brilliant!
Mason Wymer has become very good friends with Vern over the past few months.  Mason has transferred her athleticism from gymnastics to horses and after Mason showed me her two-feet-landing in her first lesson, I knew Mason would become quite the equestrian athlete!  Since then, Mason has already learned to canter and she’s preparing for her first jump by cantering beautifully over courses of poles.  Way to go, Mason!
Debbe Woodbury joined her friend Barbara for one of Barbara’s ‘Winter Vacation’ lessons at North Fields and while Barbara had to return home after the ski season, Debbe still enjoys instruction for her horse Dulce and her husbands horse, Winchester.  Debbe and Jordan are compassionate horse people who enjoy fostering/adopting at-risk horses, or those who simply don’t have a home.  The Woodbury residence is a quiet place in Daniel filled with several smiling horses and one very cute donkey.  In their free time, Debbe and Jordan spend time in the mountains…obviously bringing their ponies with them.  Welcome Woodburys!
Annie Holbrook has horse experience from when she was young and now she’s ready to become a skilled and dedicated Eventer.  Annie has already spent quality time with The Peas at horse shows this spring and summer, and she’s currently looking for a horse to be her very own partner.  As soon as Annie meets her match, she’ll be strutting her stuff and making 3 Peas in a Pony proud!  I can’t wait to see where her hard work and dedication will take her!:)
Ruby Feng spent time in California doing dressage and now she’s at North Fields feeling the wind in her hair (or through her helmet) while sailing over fences.  Thanks to Cotton, Ruby has started practicing her jumping position and reinvigorating her leg strength.  Now, after a few months, Ruby is putting her jumping leg to the test by picking up catch rides at the barn and with all the horses she gets to ride, Ruby’s going to become quite the match for those ‘spunky’ ponies who like to push limits.  Don’t mess with Ruby!
Chase Erhard has begun her first lease on Sweetie and in the last two months, Chase has gone from just trotting to The Cantering Queen!  Sweetie better get her jogging shoes out of the closet because I suspect she’s going to be doing plenty of cantering this month.  And while Sweetie is getting her exercise, Chase will be practicing her position and her steering so that very soon, that canter will be going right up and over a jump.  Go get ’em, girls!
Annika Futch is a return from last year’s day camp and she’s ready to get serious with her four-legged friends!  Annika is bringing her ice-skating legs to her positing trot and steady jumping position and it’s proving successful.  Annika has already begun jumping and although her pony sometimes makes her work hard, Annika never takes no for an answer.  We love seeing that determination because that’s how you reach your dreams- riding, ice skating, or otherwise!
And last but not least, Annie Fike joins 3 Peas in a Pony as Super Groom.  Annie comes from several farms and cities around the country, most recently from Salem Equestrian Center in Arkansas.  Annie brings with her not only extensive experience both in the saddle and in the stable, but also a passion for the equine athlete and a dedication to the care of both horse and rider.  When Annie is not grooming horses to perfection, or helping out her fellow Peas, she is practicing her quiet brilliance aboard Night Sparks.  Annie and Night Sparks are perfect partners in crime and I can’t wait to see them working together to reach their (surprisingly similar) goals!  Welcome, Annie!