Hey everyone!! It’s Chicken Time- whoop whoop!!!
Here’s a schedule for our schooling over the next few days.
On Thursday, my trailer will depart NF at 9:00am, so have your things loaded! Sara and Ahdena’s trailers will leave at 11am. And Kelly? I’ll get you and Anne Marie in touch and you can coordinate:)
My trailer: Gigi, Hal, Satine, Soro
Sara’s trailer: Balou, Bones, Gwen
Kellie’s trailer: Zoe, Riata
Ahdena’s trailer: Gani, Ellie
Since my trailer will get there earliest, we’ll drop our 3 Peas village in our normal spot, in the west parking lot. Feel free to park your campers and tents and cars as you arrive!
THURSDAY Schooling:
Faith, Jax, Mimi
Mariam, Sara, Ahdena
Katie, Keegan, Olivia
Lizzie, Zoe
If any of you aren’t planning on staying over but your horse’s are, get in touch with me and we’ll make sure your pony is taken care of in your absence!
FRIDAY Dressage/Show Jump Schooling:
You guys can choose whether or not you’d like to school dressage or show jumping on Friday, but in parentheses I put my recommendations who a few ponies I’d like schooling one or the other:). You’ll also noticed that I volunteered us to help with show jumping set up. Round up your family members and whoever else is just standing around!
9-11am Dressage rides
(Balou, Satine, Bones)
11-Noon LUNCH
Noon: SJ set up in Rodeo Arena (to help Adrienne and WPC).
1pm-2pm: Continuation of SJ set up in Infield Arena.
2-2:45: BN XC Course Walk
2:45-3:30: Novice/Training XC Course Walk
4pm-6pm: Show Jumping Rounds
(Gwen, Riata, Faith, Tark?)
And of course, throughout the day you’ll be bathing, cleaning tack, and getting ready for the SHOW!!:)
7:30am-8:00: Grasshopper XC Course Walk
8:00am-8:30 Show Jumping Course Walk
And then the show starts!!! :):):)
I’m sure I’ve missed lots of information, but see me if you have any questions!!:)