The same fab six jumped back in the truck (or trailer) and were back on the road for another adventure in Laramie, WY: Anika and Zeke, Zoe and Timmy, and Maddy and Dime (and of course, Alekhine was along for moral support).
Our top place finishers were Maddy and Dime, ending in the BN Easy division on their dressage score of 42.5 and earning a 2nd place ribbon.  This was Maddy and Dime’s final show together, so the two of them made sure they had well-planned, forward, and rewarding rides.  I’m really proud of the both of them for a very successful show season, during which time Maddy grew as a rider, and Dime flourished under her guidance.  Congratulations!
Anika and Zeke came to Windy planning on continuing their progress from Santa Fe, and they did just that.  The pair ended in 7th place after some stellar dressage and show jumping, and only a few bobbles on cross-country.  Anika is teaching Zeke the ropes, paving the way for a confident and successful Event horse, and this show was one more enjoyable horse trials to put under his belt.  I’m thrilled with Zeke’s progress, of course.  But I’m even more excited to watch Anika address her mount and his training with such controlled and thoughtful attention to detail, always putting Zeke’s education first.  Way to go!
Another pair working on lessons learned in Santa Fe, Zoe and Timmy really shined with an aggressive and determined cross-country riding in Laramie.  Although Timmy took a bit to get going and picked up two stops at fence one, Zoe decided to help him tackle the rest of the course and they crossed the finish line without picking up any additional faults.  Zoe was pleased to see her hard-work and focus producing desirable results, and Timmy was pleased to finally have a cross-country partner.  Although Zoe and Timmy didn’t get to place at the event because of a bell/show jumping judge ‘technicality’ (wink, Zoe), Zoe and Timmy had a fabulous stadium round to end the show with success in both jumping phases.
Overall, a great way to end our out-of-state show season.  However, the local season isn’t over yet…