Hey everyone, it’s me again! Ugh, aren’t you so sick of hearing from me? I can’t wait to go back to saying things like, “just CANTER!”😉

Here’s the current 4-1-1:

Summit county now has an ordinance that requires residents to stay at home and I’m sure that Wasatch County and Salt Lake County will follow closely. I’ve attached the document for those of you who haven’t yet seen it and would like to familiarize yourselves ( https://www.summitcounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/10750/Summit-County-Stay-At-Home-Order-?fbclid=IwAR1oG1llKERLtTLoij3tMM2ZQ3HIpEl434gIwZ6edsoE-FK08UWQ1j_-Gp4 ) but essentially, below is how I’m interpreting it in what I believe to be the best interests of everyone.  (“ugh”). Anyway, this is what we’re doing:

We’ll assume that the barn falls under the exception of “farming” and animal husbandry, and that this exemption assumes that residents need to take care of their obligations to their animals. In other words, for those of you who own a horse at North Fields, you may have an “obligation” to care for your animal and your movement from your home to the barn and back could be considered appropriate travel.  We’ll allow each of you owners to apply this interpretation as you choose but this is how we read it and hopefully you find it helpful.

However, if you’re a Summit County resident and you’re currently leasing a horse at North Fields or you’re about to start a lease, unfortunately, your obligation to the barn is not quite so hefty.  Instead, we’ll pause your lease for this month (I know, bummer😑) and pick up right away again as soon as these restrictions are lifted 🏋🏻‍♀️ And unless you’re in a position where you’d like to continue with your lease payment, we’ll also cancel your payment for the month of April. Don’t worry, kids, we’ll be back at it before we know it! 🙌🏼

But even if you are an owner, you don’t necessarily need to travel to the barn while this order is in place- we will happily care for your horse💅🏼Additionally, if you wish to take your horse home to your own property so you can care for him/her at home for this time period, Margaret has no problem with that!

As far as lessons for horse owners while we’re operating under this ordinance, anything that is already booked on the schedule for someone who owns a horse at North Fields will stay as is but the the scheduling program will be closed- no further online bookings.  However, I plan on being at the barn to take care of my own horses as well as help with your horses, so I’m happy to help anyone while I’m there.  Please communicate with me directly and we can arrange times over the phone ☎️

**Important** As of March 27th, these restrictions apply to Summit County residents only.  It will extend to anyone in other counties whenever that county institutes a similar ordinance.


Does anyone need anything??  Leslie and Brooke have reminded me that not only are they stocked with a few items in case someone comes up short, but they’re happy to rally around the neighborhood to help out a fellow Pea if anyone needs.  Give me a shout if you’d like some help and I can put you in touch with one another😁☀️

Sit tight, friends.  Spring is here and show season is juuuust around the corner! 🌸