Apparently I am the first one to write on the student blogs and I am so excited to see what all of you are going to share! To start things off, I do not want you to be totally confused about what I am saying, so here is a little information about me for my future blog posts!
My name is Zoe Smith, I am 15 years old and I ride at Sweetwater Equestrian Center. I have a 15.3 hand dark bey gelding named Timmy! We are no positive on his age and breed because he has no papers but the vet’s best guess is a 10 year old Quarter Arabian. I have had people think he has Warmblood and even Morgan in him so I have no clue but he looks like a Quarter horse and has an Arab head/ Well, at least he has the attitude of an Arab! I have owned him for a little under a year and hope to go far with him!
For my first blog post I would like to talk about the one and only CHICKEN EVENT! Hmmm… not sure how to describe this one. But basically I was not able to train with Kim for this show 🙁 I was training with the owner of my barn Kelly Cusick and the three other girls that came with me. For this show, I was planning on going Beginner Novice! When I got on Timmy on Friday afternoon he had lots of energy. But as long as I would be relaxed, so would he! Even though it was a schooling show, I will always get butterflies;). We warmed up on some grasshopper jumps and he was really good! Kelly had the two other girls go and walk their horses around while my friend Georgia and schooled one of the BN jumps.
This jump was not very big just at an angle and a little bit up a small hill. I did the jump the first time no problem! The second time the striding was a little weird and I got left behind and did not have my leg on (sorry Kim)! The next time was another great ride again! Then the last time I knew we could get over it so I sort of forgot about the whole leg thing. Yikes! He added an extra stride in I was not there to support him so it was almost that he did a little rear about to go over it but then decided not to. That was a good boy on his part because if he did take it, that could hurt the both of us. Smart buddy:)! I went over his neck and fell onto the jump with my arms and chest. Timmy slowly backed up and my legs came after me onto the jump. I was smiling on the way down because I was not hurt and I thought it was a little funny. Haha. Timmy was a good boy and stood there instead of running off! The good news is, I never hit the ground! The log broke my fall! There is always an upside to everything!
For the rest of the course, I started to lose my confidence and didn’t think I could do some of the rest of the course without Kim. So then I decided to just go grasshopper again and go Beginner Novice when I have Kim to help me. The next day I learned the dressage test about 15 min before I went into the ring. Timmy was such a good little sport! After a long day we ended up with a 4th place ribbon!!! Out of 24 riders! Go Timmy! I was very proud of us! It was a long way home and from unpacking everything and taking care of Timmy, I did not get home until midnight. Oh well, it was totally worth it!
I learned a few things for this trip:
1. Keep my leg on all of the time!
2. Timmy loves to play in water on XC.
3. I learned that I have to pick a cute color for my 3 peas shirt!
4. Also~ don’t stay at the Days I
nn :/
Thanks for reading!! Hope I did not bore you THAT much! 🙂