Hi everyone!!

I’m seeing light at the end of this snowy tunnel and I hope you are too!  Yippee!! ⛅️

You may have noticed that our April calendar seems be playing tricks on you and yes, dates and events really have been moving non-stop!  For example, Ram Tap just blipped off the USEA calendar and now it’s no more – ha! It’s now in October! 🎩 💫 And just this morning, here’s another change for you:

Bonnie’s Ride Well Series, for the weekend of April 7th, is now cancelled – booo!!  While her events are normally very well-attended and certainly we were planning to bring a big chunk of her numbers, it seems as though sharing the weekend with the Easter Bunny has everyone tied up and Bonnie opted to nix it.  So perhaps you’ll be glad to know that now you’ll be free to enjoy all the fuzzy animals and chocolate eggs you can fit into one weekend!  🐣

Honestly, though, I’d recommend resting up over Easter because it looks like the following weekend (April 14-16) will now be a bit of a doozie:
Friday the 14th: Day 1 Peas Jump Clinic at Redemption Ranch
Saturday the 15th: Day 2 Peas Jump Clinic
Sunday the 16th: Cross-country schooling at Skyline

I know it’s a lot for one weekend but I after I discovered that Skyline closes the course on the 18th and cross-country needed to be earlier in the month, I also wanted to make sure that everyone has some goooood jump time in with me before we take those ponies (brimming full of all of the fever that Spring has to offer!) out into the great wide open for schooling at Skyline.  So while it’s a bit of a full weekend (and I certainly won’t hold it against you if you decide to do only a part of it) all three days will make for an ultra-constructive ‘boot camp’ and everyone will be fit and ready for a busy May! Send me a message if you’d like to RSVP!

🌟 Just a reminder that entries for The Event at Skyline open on Tuesday, March 21st!

Back-tracking a little bit: our first Team Training of the 2023 season is this month, Friday, March 31st at Redemption Ranch. As you might imagine, we’re still juggling a lot of balls in the air: the new indoor arena; weather; trailer availability; and the fact that Beth may not yet be ready to welcome all us hooligans! 🤪  But at this point, it’s on the schedule and I’ll keep everyone apprised 📻

The other moderately-sized move I made to the calendar is that our 3 Peas Hooplah is at the very end of the month: April 30th!! 🥳💃🏻 Now yes, everyone knows that they don’t want to miss out on this yearly event because, well, it’s so fun, you get to see all your friends, and you get swag 🎤⬇️. But you don’t get to come and playyyy if you don’t RSVP to the party invitation. So this weekend you’ll get your invitation to our annual event, with all the details, and please RSVP as soon as possible so that I can start getting a headcount.  The earlier, the better!

I think that’s all for now. Have a great day, everyone – enjoy the sun!!