Spring Pea Riding Academy

“My first thought was, “I love the name, how cute!” And then we arrived and met everyone and it was pretty clear we had just connected with our new family. The name may be cute but the horse world has to be a serious fun and at 3 Peas, safety, accountability, and responsibility is the name of their game! My daughter begged me for three years to learn to ride and now both Kim and Sara are women my daughter aspires to be.  That makes me very proud.”  -Summer Sanders

3 Peas in a Pony

About Spring Pea Riding Academy

We welcome children of all ages into the 3 Peas program.  Here’s what to expect when enrolling your child with 3 Peas in a Pony:

Private and Semi-Private Lessons allow children focus from our instructors, helping students enhance their skills by teaching careful attention to detail in a safe and supportive environment.  Your child will have access to our tack and to one of our trusty schooling horses during his/her lesson.

**Unfortunately, we are not currently taking any new students who require use of our schooling horses- we’re full at this time!  Check back in with us at a later date.**

Practice Riding and Leasing gives each student an opportunity to ride a horse and practice their lesson homework without being in a lesson.  Once a child has developed sufficient autonomy within their horsemanship and their riding, this individual practice time is the next step toward helping our students develop their own skills as horsemen/women, as well as helping children understand the responsibility of horse ownership.


Clinics and Competitions are the cherry on top of all of our hard work- this is where children can show off everything they’ve learned and really let their skills shine. See our events calendars for more information!

3 Peas in a Pony

About Our Leasing Program

The 3 Peas in a Pony Leasing Program offers those children who are interested in continuing riding an opportunity to take on a horse as if it were his/her own horse. By offering children access to their horse outside of a scheduled lesson, children become responsible and conscientious ‘horse-owners’ as well as gaining considerable skill on horseback.

Leasing fees range from $300-$700 per month.  Contact Kimberley to discuss how 3 Peas in a Pony could be the perfect match for your little horse-lover!

3 Peas in a Pony

Lessons & Training Rates

Private Lessons


Semi-Private Lessons


Group Lessons


Jumping/Cross-Country Clinics


Half Training

$450/month (3 training rides per week)

Full Training

$600/month (5 training rides per week)

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