Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung around the snow piles! 🙌🏼 Here’s to sunny dayssss!!!

Just a note that Rachel is off on a grand adventure and won’t be back to teach for several weeks. 🏖️ So if you’re regularly on her Monday schedule at Tally Ho, then reach out to me (if you haven’t already!) and we’ll slot you in elsewhere – not to worry!  As for Rachel’s Saturday lessons, we’ll get you on with Sara and myself 😃

Regarding Saturdays, you’re probably all beginning to feel the “every weekend crunch” of spring/summer and you may be thinking, “yeah, but when do I get my weekend lesson if we’re always away on weekends?”  Yes, there may be a few lessons missed for the next month or so because I’m going to keep the calendar generally as it is, but as soon as we approach the end of the school year, I’ll do an entirely new summer calendar that will better account for our busy weekends and as a result, you’ll miss fewer lessons! 🎲

For this weekend, it seems that our schedules have simultaneously conspired against us and not only is Rachel out of town, but Sara is celebrating her birthday weekend (the big 3-0, send her birthday kisses!!), and I have an important family commitment in Boise.  Eeek!! So…for this Friday and Saturday, there will be no lessons at Tally Ho or Westwood – sorry all!!

For next week, there’s Team Training on Friday, April 28th.  We’ll do as we did last time, which is that if you’re already at the farm, you’ll ride in the first group, starting at 3:00pm. If you’re hauling in, you’ll ride at the second group starting at 4:30pm. Deal?!?🕺🏻 Our first Team Training at Redemption was a huge success and I’m excited for round two!

And then we’ll be back to The Ranch on Sunday, April 30th at noon for our Peas Hooplah! 🎠🎡.  Don’t forget to bring your delicious dish to share.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces in non-horsey attire!

That’s it for me – reach out if you have questions! 🌈