Hi all!

I’m feeling Spring Fever already, so let’s talk Upcoming Shenanigans! 🌸

Many of you may have already noticed that I’ve updated our 2023 Horse Show calendar.  Check it out here! https://3peasinapony.com/3-peas-services/

Our first event is March 10th, which is the Ride Well Dressage and Jumper Show in St. George (Yey for warm weather! ☀️).  There’ll be jumper rounds and dressage tests and something for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’ve been riding regularly this winter. If you’re interested in this event, keep your eyes on Facebook – Bonnie will open up registration on February 10th!

You’ll also notice that we’re (fingers crossed 🤞) restarting Team Training! Whoop 🙌🏼 For those of you who aren’t familiar, Team Training is a casual, all Peas group lesson.  It doesn’t require an RSVP; we get together in one place—no matter where you board—and we train as a group (including some strength training for the riders!).  I have the first of 2023 scheduled for Redemption Ranch in Peoa on March 31st.  Can we dig out our trailers by then?? 🦾

And then once you have your trailer unearthed, in April we have our first Peas Jump Clinic, also at Redemption Ranch.  April 21-22.  This does in fact require an rsvp, so I’ll remind you as we get closer and you can register with me.  We’re going to be jumping all the things and getting horses (and riders) legged up for show season!

And for those of you adventurous enough, this jump clinic precedes Ram Tap Horse Trials in Fresno, CA.  The dates for this event are April 27-30th but you’ll need to be sending in your entry about a month in advance.  Because this is a USEA recognized event and it’s out of state, get with me if you’re interested in attending and we’ll iron out the logistics and I’ll walk you through the entry form. 🗓️ Levels Intro and higher are welcome!

But before we get too excited about launching into 2023, let’s not forget to close out 2022 in our typical Peas style: the 3 Peas 2023 Hooplah on April 23rd!!! 🎈 🎊 🎁 Since our 2022 Hostess, the wonderful Stacy Patton 🌟 , may still be buried under 10’of snow in April, I’m leaving our location to be determined.  However, if Redemption Ranch is up and rolling in all its glory, we’ll be hosting our country shin-dig in their new arena, complete with hay bales, horses, and (of course we’ll be the) cowgirls! 🐮. Stay tuned!

It also looks like our local group of Eventers, the Wasatch Range Eventing of Area IX, is also closing out 2022 and they’ve arranged to have their Awards Banquet at Skyline Eventing Park during the May event.  If you’re a WRE of IX member and especially if you and your pony had a thrilling ‘22 season, be sure to get your points into Emily Bigler asap.  You can contact her on Facebook, or through the WRE of IX FB page.

Let’s see…what else are we looking forward to? 👀

Coming right up, we’ve been asked to teach a clinic at Westwood Barn in Silver Creek February 13-16.  If you board at Westwood, be sure to get in touch with Nora so you can be on the schedule. And for those of you on my schedule that week, I’ll be doing a little juggling in order to tetris our time together.  I appreciate, in advance, all your flexibility! 🤩

The fab Peas at Redemption Ranch are looking to get out of the snow and they’ve scheduled the following days at Oakley arena: February 12th, 19th, and 26th. If you’re a Pea who doesn’t have regular access to an indoor and you’re ready to get your horse dusted off, you’re welcome to come over and join us at the Oakley Fairgrounds – Ms. Cara will be teaching lessons from 12-2pm.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to be added to the schedule!  There is a donation required for the arena rental but there’ll be a whole lot of good company to spend your Sunday with! 💚

At the request of many Peas, I’ve also schedule Trailer Training Clinic so that we can review some of the skills necessary for safe and stress-less travel with your pony.  You won’t need your trailer or your horse; we’ll do this as a demo with one horse and trailer and everyone will have an opportunity to watch and practice, in a casual setting. However, if you’d like to bring your horse and trailer, please do – you can practice with your horse. I’ve set this for the evening of May 2nd, but I may need to juggle this as we get closer! 🤹‍♀️

And if all this information has whet your appetite but you’re still sitting around and twiddling your thumbs and waiting for all this snow to melt, here are some educational links I thought you might like.  Share these with the fam – you can learn online! Study, study! 📚



Ok, that’s all for now.  It’s a fair amount of stuff I’ve just dropped into your lap, so you know where to find me if you have any questions ☎️ 📧

Happy Monday!🌟