Hi everyone!

Here are some announcements.  Wait…why is it still snowing?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Let’s pretend it’s not!

Please read through this carefully because there are items that pertain to all, and some that pertain only to Redemption Peas.

The Chicken Event is open for entries!!  🐓 Go to wasatchponyclub.com to find the entry form and other details!  Just a reminder that we school XC on the Thursday before the event so you’ll want to make sure you have stabling for Thursday night as well as Friday, or that you’re taking your horse home with you on Thursday!

Are your Skyline entries in?! Yooohoo! 📫

There’s been a bit of confusion on lessons for the Redemption Ranch folk, so here is the weekly schedule (FOR REDEMPTION STUDENTS) for the spring:

Sunday Dressage lessons:
11-12: Georgia/Giselle
12-1: Haven/Courtney/Grace
1-2: Em/Taylor/Lilah

Friday jump:
2:15-3:30 for Haven, Court, Lilah, and Taylor
3:30-4:30 for Georgia, Grace, Ember.

**ALL PEAS keep in mind that there will be some adjustments to the schedule throughout the spring, based on events/shows/travel.  But that also, as soon as school is out, we’ll do a whole new schedule…for everyone at all barns! 🎢

FOR REDEMPTION STUDENTS: the 7th and 9th, Cara is out of town so there will be no lessons on Friday BUTttt…Ms. Rachel will teaching on Sunday, the 9th! 😃

For the following weekend, starting Friday the 14th, the Pony Clubbers are at Quiz 💭.  This affects a few things on the calendar for all Peas:

    1. Redemption Lessons for that weekend are cancelled with a makeup day on Wednesday, April 19th.  The groups on the 19th will be 4-5:15pm for Haven, Courtney, Lilah, and Taylor; and 5:15-6:15pm for Georgia, Grace, Ember. If you won’t be around for this makeup, just send me a message!
    2. Some of you may already know that with Beth and the Pony Clubbers at Quiz, this means Redemption Ranch won’t be available for our scheduled jump clinic.  Sooooo…no clinic April 14th and 15th afterall.  We’ll keep cross-country schooling for April 16th (get on my list if you haven’t already!) and then I’m adding a Team Training at Redemption Ranch on April 28th, starting at 2:30pm.  Our first Team Training this year was SO much fun and then this second TT will get everyone prepped for Skyline the following weekend 🙌🏼 🕺🏻

Congratulations Haven Nash and her family on their purchase of Pac Man 🥳 This pair has so much potential and we’re so excited to watch these two adventuring together for many years to come!

Speaking of fantastic pairs, Brey Courtney-Cloupe’s pony, Lucky, has been less-than lucky recently and she’s on the road to recovery after an injury in her paddock.  As a result, Brey is on the hunt for pony exercising and catch-ride opportunities, in case there are any Peas who might need the help or  who are simply willing to share their four-legged friend.  Get in touch with Jennifer (435-640-7236) or me if you have any grand ideas for Ms. Brey! 🤸🏼‍♀️

Last call for RSVPs for the party at the end of the month!! 🎈 You don’t want to miss out! 🪩

That’s all for now!! 🎤