Hey Everyone!

Here are ride times (and other pertinent information) for our clinic this weekend.  We are SO excited to have Barb back with us; has it seriously been over a year since we played with her last??  If anyone has any conflicts or challenges with this schedule, let me know.

8-9:30: Xanthe, Alexa, Taylor, Lavender

9:30-11: Faith, Mary, May, Keegan

11-12:15: Mimi, Zoe, Sara
1-2: Diana, Jessica

2-3:15: Baylee, Grace L., Lilah

3:15-4:45: Olive, Heidi, Brooke, Liv

4:45-6:15: Cayenne, Abi, Erika, Parker

8-9:30: Xanthe, Alexa, Taylor, Alex

9:30-11: Faith, Mary, May, Keegan

11-12:15: Mimi, Zoe, Sara
1-2:30 Olive, Heidi, Brooke, Liv

2:30-4: Cayenne, Abi, Erika, Parker

Some other items:

  • I know I’ve talked about it for ages, but I’m finally getting my hands on a stand-up heater for the indoor- yey!! So we’ll have some heat alongside our snacks and beverages in our auditing area. Be sure to bring your masks if you plan on spending any quality time sitting amongst your friends!
  • Because it’s meant to be a chilly weekend, we’ll be riding inside which means that we’ll be limited on tack-up space.  You’ll be able to nip in and grab a few things throughout the day but for the most part, try to pull out your tack either at the beginning of the day; at lunch; or in between sessions.   And I’ll make sure there are enough tie rings and tack-up spaces in the barn!
  • We’ll all be meeting up for dinner on Saturday evening either in Heber or Park City around 7-7:30.  If you’d like to join us, rsvp to me so that I can make a reservation- I’ll need a head count!

That’s all for now- let me know if you have any questions!