In the most loving memory of Satine

“You’re my favorite!”❤️

January 1999-November 15, 2022

I’m very proud of the program Satine created. She defined the quintessential Pea: hard-working, grit-eating, and completely devoted. There’s not a ride, lesson, or practice; no struggle, no celebration; no blood, sweat, or tears that passed untouched by her guidance. And the stories of the young Satine, they soothe the ego and lift the spirit, bringing smiles where tears were moments before.  She offered perspective and humor to riders buried under a mountain of emotions because, let’s face it, it all pales in comparison to being run over in the driveway or going swimming in the water jump! 

Satine’s determination and commitment is why we are who we are today, and her stories illuminate the path of us Peas.  She and I had real battles – epic clashing of wills. She pushed me, challenged me, infuriated me; but mostly, she fought for me. Satine knew that one day I would understand her and when I did (finally!) I found her as my guide. To all those who spent time on her back, she taught so much: the most head-strong riders learned to set aside expectations; nervous riders settled into her rhythm; the strongest and most ambitious riders quieted and listened; and all of us learned nuance, tact, and the beauty of the grey area in between feeling and understanding. 

Satine was my ever-passionate, overly exuberant, “look of eagles” event horse who had what could only be described as true heart.  Her soul was beautiful and inspirational.  And I feel nothing but intense gratitude that she willingly opened up her heart to ours.

Love to you all!