Hey guys!

Thanks for your patience- I’ve had to revise times to account for some conflicts and additions.  I appreciate your flexibility!  With this draft (which is hopefully the final draft) let me know if there are any challenges.


8-9:30: Erika, Brandy, Clare, Faith

9:30-11: Katie, Cara, Mimi, Kacie

11-12:30: Anabel, Alex, Grace, Galia

12:30-2: Sara, Mariam, Casey, Erin

2-2:45: Lunch

2:45-4: Brooke, Lucy, Kacie

4-5:30(?): Heidi, Cayenne, Logan, Parker, Elle


8:15-9:30: Sara, Mariam, Mimi

9:30-10:45: Liv, Brooke, Lucy

10:45-12:15: Mary, Casey, Erin, Cara

12:15-1:00 Lunch

1-2:30: Anabel, Alex, Grace, Galia

2:30-4: Erika, Parker, Faith, Elle

4-5:15: Heidi, Cayenne, Logan

Okkkkkkay…take THAT!!!🥊💋👞🙌🏼