hey kiddos!

We’re leaving for Skyline at 8am in Thursday and we’ll plan to be at the show at 9:30am. Y’all know the routine: on Thursday we have stall set-up and schooling and bathing and braiding and, and, and… BUSY, BUSY!!!

As far as I know, we don’t have schooling jump rounds on Thursday so instead we’ll be schooling Dressage. Of course, it’s possible that plans could change but in the meantime, here are some tentative schooling times:

10:30 Rowdy, 11:00 Keegan, 11:30 Sara, 12:00 Mimi, 2:00 Parker, 2:30 Cara, 3:00 Elle, 3:30 Jillian, 4:00 Mariam, 4:30, Kacie.

And here is the trailering schedule:

Kim’s trailer: Pete, Gani, Gigi, Hal

Sara’s trailer: Georgia, Rowdy, Betty

Cara’s trailer: Hero, Hamilton

If you’re not loading your horse on Thursday morning, make sure all your things are loaded and put your shipping boots out where we can see them. Oh! And if you want to be helpful, fill a few hay bags for the trailers!

Has everyone seen ride times at startboxscoring.com? Check it out and make sure all looks a-ok.

I think that’s it! Don’t forget to pack your 3 Peas stock tie!!🥰🥰