CONGRATULATIONS to all the Park City Pony Clubbers on Tetrathalon – what a smashing success!!  It was thrilling to see all of those hard-working young horse people engaging with their horses and their teammates, chipping away at their common goals.  And a huge THANK YOU to all of you amazing parents – youuuuuu are the real heroes! 🥇 All of us trainers are soooo proud!🕺🏻

So we’ve added a last-minute jumper show because, well, we all want to jump more!  Scotsman Center is hosting an end-of-summer show on September 4th.  It’ll be equitation classes and trot poles through 3’6”.  If you’re interested, check out the entry below and get that in to Hailey this week!🌟

For The Pumpkin Event, the following weekend, here’s a heads up for those of you who signed up to be on the waitlist: do check to see if you’ve in fact been entered; some of you have made it off the waitlist and yet you may not know!

As you remember from The Chicken, we’ll be schooling XC on Thursday; dressage and show jump schooling (as well as tack cleaning, bathing, and general barn work) on Friday; and then the show is on Saturday.  Please make sure that Wasatch Pony Club has you down for stabling for both Thursday and Friday evenings.  And Speaking of stabling, I noticed that the following kiddos don’t have a stabling request with 3 Peas: Lucy, Addison, Alex, and Olive.  I’m totally fine if you’d rather have some private space away from others and you’d rather stable elsewhere, but in case you’re planning on stabling with the group, you may want to contact the secretary and request it.

For XC schooling on Thursday, here is the schedule.  Let me know if you have a conflict and otherwise, be aware that this schedule may shift slightly 🤪

1:15-2:15 with Kim



2:15-3:30 with Kim




3:30-5 with Kim


Abby M



3-4:15 with Cara



Grace L

5-6:30 with Kim





4:15-5:30 with Cara




I’m sure there’ll be more Pumpkin information forthcoming, but this gives you a head start! 🏃‍♂️

After Pumpkin, there’s Skyline.  **If you haven’t yet entered, it’s still open but will close soon so get in your entries!!**

Next…you’ll notice that we have Lynnleigh scheduled for September 25th.  Howeverrrrr, because Fawkes decided to turn 4 years old that weekend, I decided it best not to be at a horse show 🤓 Raise your hand if horse shows are LIFE?!?🙋🏻‍♀️

However, there are plenty more educational events:

We have Randy Ward coming to do a clinic October 1st and 2nd, which I recommend for everyone to come and watch.  October 1st will be held at Alamo Farm in Silver Creek and October 2nd will be at Katie Cobia’s home in Ogden.  This clinic filled suuuuper fast so there aren’t currently any openings, but if you’re itching to ride and you’d like to be considered for the waitlist, get with me and I’ll put you in touch with Sarah Ellington.

And then, we have the opportunity to participate in the ultra-unique Land Safe Clinic Sunday, October 24 and Monday, October 25, which I know several of you are already excited for.  The entry form is not yet available but stay posted on the Wasatch Range Eventing page on FB and Eileen Galoostian will get that entry form up in the next few weeks.

And finally, for those long-distance road warriors interested in trekking to Woodside in October, entries are opennnn!

That’s all from me – Happy Sunday, all! ⛅️