While we’ve been experiencing crazy snowfall, and the word on the street continues to be “snow, snow, watch for snow!” I can’t help but be encouraged by our post-show blue sky and promising sunshine! Sooooo…here’s the scoop for tomorrow’s Snowman Jumper Show at the Scotsman Center in Mountain Green!

*Be advised that we’ll still be very careful and will attend the show only if road conditions permit, but we’re got our fingers crossed!*

We’ve be to the barn at 7am to load horses and we’ll depart by 7:30am. ⌚️ We’ve got the following horses: Rowdy, Georgia, Pete, Lola, Hero, and Hal.

Please make sure that you’ve loaded all of your things in the trailer by this evening and that you’ve made Sara or me aware if you won’t be at the barn to load your own horse in the morning.🚘

We’ll be to the show by 9am and classes start at 10am- yippee!!!

If you need any information pertaining to the show organization, or if you need an address or directions, see the entry form on our previous post. 📋

See you tomorrow!! 🦄💪🏼🤩

PS, IFFFF the weather looks too perilous, I’ll make a decision no later than 6:45am and I’ll text everyone, so keep your phones on you!