Good morning, everyone!

I hope y’all are staying sound, sane, and healthy!

As you might have guessed, I’ve got some scheduling adjustments:

We’re going to postpone our March 28th XC Schooling for right now.  I think we’re all too busy just trying to enjoy our ponies day-to-day! We’ll get out there as soon as we have some events back on the horizon and once everyone comes out of hibernation! 🐻

I’m also pleased to announce our ‘Peas at Home’ Education classes, which allow your mini-Pea to partake in virtual classes with Ms. Cara while never leaving the couch- whoop whoop! 🛋 Classes will be Mondays and Thursdays at noon, for both Beginner and Intermediate horse people! Go to our Spring Pea Registration link right here to sign up:

Finally, as far as our lesson schedule goes, we’re going to be doing lessons only for those riders who own a horse or who lease a horse at the barn.  If you’ve been riding with us on one of our schooling horses, then just sit tight for right now and as soon as we’re back to full speed, well then you’ll be right back on top of the horse!  If you have lessons scheduled, no need to cancel them manually- I can do that for you.

*For those who own/lease a horse at NF Stables*

More important than our 2020 calendar is our day-to-day operations. As you’re probably all aware, many non-essential services in Utah are suspending business and while the barn feels like a pretty necessary part of all of our lives (🐴 ❤️), we’re not essential and we’re subject to, well, absolutely everything.

The CDC recommends that we limit gatherings to groups of ten people or fewer…and there’s no doubt that we need to be smaller in order to ensure the health and safety of our riders.  Here are some ideas about how to keep numbers down and morale UP🤩😁:

  • Firstly, please resist the temptation to bring extra people to the barn.  This means extra kids or other family members or maybe your very best neighbor who’s bored out of his mind💁🏻‍♂️  If you’re watching other kiddos who need to come with you, consider riding bikes (or other fun, wheeled toys) on the front road or maybe bring some activities that allow them to hang in the car.  And if you’d like to enjoy the great outdoors with a family member (or your neighbor), there’s parking down by the trailers and it’s easy access to miles of dirt roads.  You can call ahead or check in at the barn and if Sara or Cara or I are working, we’re happy to watch your rider while he/she practice rides!
  • We’re going to be running lessons as privates for the time being, simply to avoid crowding with others who might be free-riding.  The lesson schedule is open and if you’d rather take a lesson than practice ride, feel free to get on the schedule- lessons will be spread out and I’m working to limit/cut out overlap between instructors.
  • In that same vein, and I know it’s soooo tempting because all the kids want to see one another, but please don’t intentionally schedule practice rides or barn time in groups. Instead, come solo and drive by one another and smile and wave and blow kisses and cheer!💃🏻
  • For right now, no hauling-in.  We’ll be open to outside horses verrrrry soooooon, we promise!!!😘
  • Finally, and most importantly (and we hope this will alleviate some of the congestion), we’re urging all of you to pick ride times during the least busy barn hours.  This means that when at all possible, please ride before 11:30am and/or after 5:00pm.  And so too will the lesson schedule reflect these changes- I’ll do my best to stagger availability and offer lessons all throughout the ends of each day.  If we have to further reduce crowding, we’ll think about having alternate leasee and owner days at the barn, or possibly a practice ride schedule wherein one can book a riding spot before coming to the barn, but let’s try this first!

We’re bummed that we can’t be a social space right now.  I’m sorry about that. Because let’s face it, I’m probably not speaking for just myself when I say it’s the one place where I’m the most interested in hanging and enjoying an entire sunny afternoon ☀️ 🧃 But please, not right now.  We want simply to be the safe spot for all of our boarders and horsey family to do their horsey thing. We can DO THIS TOGETHER!

What do you think? Any questions or concerns or worries or smiles??  Call me!


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