Hey guys!

Here are a few announcements about Skyline this weekend.  I’m so excited for a full-on recognized show- I feel like it’s a been a while!!!🤓

Firstly, she Skyline Powers That Are have kindly requested volunteers and are looking for help from any parent (or kid) who might have some time twiddling their thumbs this weekend.  Might this be you?  Here’s the link to their sign-up- check it out!


And then, as far as our schedule goes, I have the following trailer order:

My trailer: Atlas, Hamilton, Pete, Balou
Mariam’s trailer: Hal, Moon
Cara’s trailer: Hero, May

Mariam’s trailer won’t be down to Skyline until mid-afternoon so *Heidi, you can go to school!*😜🥳. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure and do some schooling with Moon when you both arrive or in the morning on Friday; we’ll play it by ear depending on Mariam’s arrival.

For Cara’s trailer and my trailer, we’ll leave NF at 8:30 on Thursday morning, arriving at Skyline at 10:30am.  This will give us a chance to set up horses/tack and then we’ll school dressage and/or show jumping (depending on when they offer schooling rounds) from noon-ish to 5pm.

**A few reminders:
– Don’t forget your Peas stock tie and if you need one, see me!
– If you haven’t grabbed a new hay bag, get one!
– If you’re around to help load the trailer on Wednesday evening, we’ll need ten bales of hay pulled out: seven bales in my trailer and three left out for Mariam to grab.

Any Qs??  Give me a shout!