This is going to be FUN!!!
Here’s the plan for Fun Jump Day:
Class Descriptions:
“Horse on Course” is, well, you and your horse on course- just a normal show jumping course!
“Gambler’s Choice” is where each horse and rider have 70 seconds to jump as many fences as they can, each fence worth a different number of points depending on complexity.  Rails and run-outs/stops give you nooooo points!
“Rotating Rider Relay” has teams of two and each team competes for time with the first member of the team jumping the first half of the course and the second member of the team jumping the second half of the course.
“Cowgirl Leap” is our version of barrel racing!  Each rider completes the barrel pattern while jumping the fences in between.  No barrels or rails down, or you’re penalized!!
“High Jump” means jumping HIGH!  There’s one fence that each rider jumps one at a time.  The fence goes up in height as each horse/rider clear it.  You’re out with a rail or refusal.  The last pair to jump the fence clean is the winner…and there’s only one winner!
I attached a general schedule (see the green link at the end of the post) based on what I think each of you should do.  However, I’m not stopping anyone from adding or taking away a class, this is just my suggestion! **Anika, I didn’t differentiate on the schedule, but my thought was to have Jax in the first group of levels and Zeke in the second although you can pick and choose as you like:)
You’ll notice we’re running a bit later than planned because we have plenty Peas who want to play, so there’ll be chairs for resting and snacks for y’all to stay energized and hydrated. If you’re riding in the earlier groups, feel free to arrive 15-30 minutes early to get tacked up.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your mothers because it’s Mother’s Day!!
Fun Jump Day Schedule, 2017
See you then!!!