Here’s the scoop on events going on this weekend:
Pony Love Day on Saturday, April 5th:
From 11-3:30 at North Fields Stables.  Bring a lunch and clothing for alll types of weather:)  You’ll be working on tack cleaning; braiding; wrapping; 3-Day discussions, including jog out; and veterinary care.  So much fun!:)
Gallop Day on Sunday, April 6th:
We’ll be at Deseret Peak Sports Complex at 2930 Hwy 112 in Tooele.  Here’s the schedule:
10:15-10:45- Satine
10:45-11:15- Lola/Jeffery (Kim)
11:15-12- Lunch
12-1:45- Annie/Anika
12:45-1:30- Maddy/Bajian
1:30-2:15- Lisa K./Sara
2:15-3- Melissa/Ellen
Anika’s trailer has Zeke, Nito, and Brava
Sara’s trailer has Grace Kelly and Bells and will leave North Fields at 11:30
Kellie’s trailer has Lola and Night Sparks
My trailer has Satine, Jeffery, Reef, and Soro
Feel free to hitch a ride in one of the trucks hauling trailers, or you can meet at the track about half an hour before you ride.  Clean and load all of your tack etc. in my trailer on Friday night.
See you then!!!