Powder Basin is finally here- Yey!!
I know most of you have an idea of the plan, but here are some final details to help everyone out with planning and scheduling 🙂
We are all going to be leaving the barn on Wednesday morning and driving straight through to Gillette. While we don’t all have to caravan together, i’m thinking a 6:30 AM start would get us well into our trip before the weather gets warm
Sara’s trailer will have Ellie, Bones, and Keyonee. My trailer will have Xena, Timmy, Satine, and Zoe. And Lola will be traveling in style with her own private rigWe’ll group all our fuel costs at the end and it’ll be like an 8 horse trailer!⛽️Sara, you’re welcome to leave Ellie and your rig at North Fields on Tuesday evening, or people can just load things either in the morning or in my trailer.
It looks like there will be some of us camping on grounds and others staying in the Arbuckle Lodge, just down the street. For those of you who would like a hotel room and haven’t booked yet, they still have some rooms; go to the powder basin equestrian website and there’s a link to the hotel and they offer a discount rate for riders!! If you prefer to tent camp, then I know all of us hotel peeps are happy to share the occasional shower- we don’t want anyone getting stinky! 🙂 Either way, I plan on setting up a big shade tent and table and chairs and all kinds of good things that make a house a home, so no matter where you’re sleeping, there will always be a Peas home base on grounds 🙂 Bring your camping chair!!
Food-wise: even if you’re staying in a hotel, be sure to bring a cooler with things to feed you breakfast and lunch. For dinners, we’ll either cook at our home-base (between Andie’s outdoor grill and my nifty cooking setup) and relax on site or we can venture out on to the town. Bring the funds either to chip in for groceries or for eating out!
What did I forget?? Otherwise, weather is meant to be gorgeous and I’m looking forward to an excellent weekend! Yippee