We’ve wrapped up another crazy, fun year and now we’re looking forward to an exciting and successful 2014.  Bring it on!
For those of you who were unable to attend our 3 Peas End of the Year Party on January 4th, you missed Zoe Smith’s super cool slideshow.  When you see Zoe and Adam, give them a high-five!
Check it out!:)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQHYo-TOVEA&feature=youtu.be
In addition to clips from 2013, we also discussed options for our 2014 show schedule.  A few big changes to the calendar this year include:
– A longer show season, spanning March through November, with fewer horse trials per month.  This encourages higher per-show attendance thereby making each show more affordable.  And while this concentrates more Peas per show, the length of the season and the number of shows spread throughout, still ensures that Peas are competitive on a national level.
– Fundraising opportunities: Another 5k run, July 4th car-parking at the Oakley Rodeo, and both a Spring and Fall 3 Peas Schooling Show at North Fields.
– The Annual Adult Spring Camp- Rolex in April??
I’m currently working on dates and scheduling and I will post a tentative calendar by Friday, January 24th.  Once the calendar is up, please let me know if there’s anything on the schedule you’d like to add or change!
3 Peas in a Pony got to share in the successes of the entire Wasatch Range Eventing Community at the WREA Year End Awards Banquet on January 11th.  3 Peas sends a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all horses and riders for their successes in 2013; we’re so happy to belong to a group of such talented and hard-working equestrians.
And since all us Peas are well aware of our own day-to-day efforts, it’s nice to acknowledge our own resulting rewards.  Congratulations to the following Peas on a killer 2013:
Anika Hansen and Commander Express- 1st Place in the Beginner Novice Division
Zoe Smith and Timmy- 3rd Place in the Beginner Novice Division
Brooke Walterson and MoonFire- 5th Place in the Intro Division
Zoe Smith and Timmy- 2013 High Point for WREA Events
And let’s not forget: Joan, Lulu, and Zoe (Samson) won gift baskets in the raffle!:)
As I hope you know, but I can never say often enough, I’m so proud of you all!:)