A big Thank You to Bonnie East and Universal Equestrian Center for hosting a very fabulous two-phase event to finish out the show season.  We all had fun with our horses and our costumes, and everyone left with a smile!
While Sandy and Mavis were our veteran Peas in attendance, and they were smashing (as usual), I’d like to recognize all of my ‘mini-Peas’ who participated in this show; they’ve all worked very hard and their successes are a testament to that.
Jillian Perry and Shelby Oraskovich both half-leased Vern over the summer, and they each competed in the trot pole class in this show.  I am very proud to say that both girls’ dressage tests were much improved from their last event, and they were both recognized by the judge on their steadiness and accuracy, respectively. Vern can be a little lazy and he loves to cut corners, but both riders planned accordingly!
Hayden Goodman and Sydney Oraskovich both half-leased Sweetie over the summer, and while this show was Hayden’s second shot at showing, this was also Sydney’s first competition.  Hayden really pleased me with the size and shape of her circles, and the fact that she was well-prepared for all the movements.  The judge agreed and complimented Hayden on her geometry.  Sydney was both accurate, and very well-organized for her first time in a dressage arena.  Sydney didn’t forget one single thing that she’d been working on in homework, and that’s really impressive given that showing can be so nerve-racking!
Sophie Dau rode Skip, who has been her temporary mount for the summer and a very good teacher to Sophie.  Sophie had a tough job in dressage because Skip was a little nervous, however, this did not phase Sophie; she rode the test perfectly while also considering the Skip’s energy and feel.  It’s really hard to think about two totally different things while you’re competing, and Sophie was great!!
All five girls continued throughout the competition over trot poles and I’m so thrilled to report that every rider and every horse was foot-perfect!  How do you girls do it??  We even had compliments from other riders, admiring how easy y’all made it look!  Well done!  Also joining us for the trot pole portion, Camden Goodman rode Sweetie as her first time ever being at a show.  She remembered to look, give her hands, use her legs, and all that on top of remembering her course- wow!
And finally, Sophie and Skip decided to try their hand at some cross-bars after they’d been working so hard at their jumping at home.  The most important job Sophie had was to remember not to touch Skip’s neck with her hands, simply so that she could remember to ride and hold on with her leg.  And although there were times when Sophie got tired, she kept riding her horse all through her fences, resulting in a perfect round.  I’m so proud!!!:)
Congratulations to everyone on a great show and a wonderful summer.  We’re going to keep working hard and I’m looking forward to moving right along!:)