Here are all the fun things happening with 3 Peas in a Pony…our March Update!
Firstly, welcome to the following new students:
Ella Carter has begun leasing her horse, Skip, at North Fields Stables, and she’s currently learning how to be the world’s best jumper!  Ella is practicing using her leg, her eye, and her shoulders to make sure Skip is attentive and careful with his feet.  Watch out- Ella and Skip will be a force to be reckoned with in 2013!
Mia Merrill joins 3 Peas in a Pony as Ella’s fellow 3rd grader, and Mia has begun her friendship with her horse Vern, on whom she’s practicing her balance, her jumping position, and her rider focus.  Mia will soon be cantering and has goals of jumping big and running fast.  I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish!
After a brief break from horses, Annie Holbrook returns to the equestrian world as an aspiring Eventer with 3 Peas in a Pony.  With the help of Skip, Annie is learning how to use relaxation and attention to detail in order to access clear and effective aids.  The results are spectacular and I’m looking forward to watching the two progress!
Karen and Brooke Walterson live in Silver Creek and they trailer their horses, Bonita and Moon, to North Fields for regular jumping lessons.  Brooke and Moon have a familiar and long-term partnership and the two of them are working on forward thinking and clear communication.  This will be one happy and connected pair after all their hard work!  And for Brooke’s mother, Karen, Bonita is a recent addition to the Walterson clan and neither Karen nor Bonita could be happier!  Now that the two have gotten to know one another, Karen and Bonita are working on the type of physical and emotional independence that will allow both horse and rider to really flourish.  3 Peas in a Pony welcomes The Waltersons!
CONGRATULATIONS to the following Peas for their 2012 success:
Maddy Helier and Ten Grand: ‘ WREA Rookie of the Year’ and ‘WREA Jr. Intro Champion’
Anika Hansen and Commander: ‘WREA Sr. Intro Champion’
Mavis Quarles and Ulysses: ‘WREA Master Rider of the Year’
Sara Windley and Grace Kelly: ‘WREA Sr. Novice Reserve Champion’
Zoe Smith: ‘WREA Jr. Sportsmanship Award’
Adam Smith: ‘WREA Parent of the Year’
Brooke and Karen Walterson won the 3 Peas in a Pony Book Basket!:)
Sign up for the 1st Annual Fit Pea 5k walk/run in Sugarhouse Park is now open!  While all of our extracurricular activities (Book Club, the 5k, cocktails hours, picnics, etc.) will be under a ‘Peas Pastimes’ tab on the website, all the information for the Fit Pea 5k is under ‘Calendar’.  This is a fun and easy group activity that get us all out and raising money for a good cause!  Either sign up with the race directly, or email me and I’ll sign us up as a group.
St. John HT is now accepting entries.  Contact me if you’d like to come with us!!!