Here are the *first set* of ride times for the 3 Peas 2-Phase this weekend! There will be some adjustments, I promise, so don’t tattoo these on your forehead!😉
Some things to consider:
– Look for your name and make sure you’re entered- I don’t want to miss anyone!
– I’ll be reviewing ride times to account for those people riding multiple horses. Some ride times may change!
– We’ll be splitting the trot pole division between “big kids” and “littles”, just FYI.
– There are assigned times for SJ but the windows are big to account for rounds added the day of. So…show jumping is flexible, ride when you’re ready!!😎
– We’re missing grounds fees on several entries so I’ll add money info to the entry status and you can see where you stand.
Yippee!! Stay tuned…🎉