Ok, here’s a ‘Head Count’ post:
I’ll be sending out an evite, but just a heads up that Peas Read will be on Friday, April 27th at our house in Midway, starting at 6pm.  The book is Murakami’s Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.
A reminder that we’re doing the WREA Volunteer Day at Universal Equestrian Center on Saturday, April 28th.  We’re going to meet at UEC at 10am, and we’ll paint jumps for a few hours before heading to Hunter Stables for a Spring BBQ.  Let me know if you’ll be able to attend either, and don’t forget to sign up for your potluck dish on the sheet at the barn.  It’s going to be so fun!!
I DEFINITELY  need a head count for XC schooling this Sunday, April 29th so that I can set the schedule and arrange trailering.  Y’all know the routine, but we’ll be schooling the XC course at Golden Spike in small groups, so that we’re all ready for a fun show season.  As many of you know, it usually takes the whole day, so plan accordingly and feel free to bring a lunch!
Finally, the Camp Trip, May 3-6!  I have an idea of who’s coming, but please confirm with me.  Here are a few more details:
We’ll be at Wendy Pohl’s barn in Mesquite, NV from Thursday evening to midday on Sunday.  We’ll have a separate barn for our horses, and we’ll bring our own hay.  We’re able to camp in trailers or in tents close to our barn (to keep an eye on our ponies), and maybe we can use Connie’s trailer to cook (connie??).
It is an a la carte kind of weekend, so make it how you want it:
Stalls are $12/night
Galloping/conditioning will cost $30
Jumping with Wendy will be $35 for a semi-private and $30 for a group
And trails are free and however you’d like to work them.
I would like everyone who brings a horse to take at least one group lesson with Wendy (it’s only $30 and you’ll love it).  As for the rest, it’s however you want to do it:)  And don’t forget to consider trailer/gas when you’re budgeting!
You guys are free to do what you want with your canine friends and I don’t want to exclude them, but dogs have to be on leashes when we’re at home.  Just something to consider.
There are plenty of trails, there’s golfing, and of course gambling.  So if you want to take a break from your pony, or if your spouse it’s a horse person, there are many other things to do!
And finally, after I get a headcount, i’ll do a tentative schedule with departure times, trailering set up, as well as some plan for our meals (last year we each took on an evening meal and it worked great).
I can’t wait!!