Hi Everyone!

There’s a bit of juggling we need to do to get all you crazy pony-lovers to THEEEE PUMPKIN, so here are the deets.


As you know, no XC schooling on Thursday, so the train is heading down to GS on Friday morning 🚂

Trailering schedule:
Cara’s trailer: Hero, Rowdy, Woody
Sara’s trailer: Balou, Lola, Pete
My trailer (courtesy of Chris Guymon 💃🏻): Hamilton, Atlas, Gani, Flynn

Trailers will leave North Fields at 10am on Friday morning.  Please let me know if you will not be available to help load your horse.  *Chris*, you won’t be in charge of loading horses, don’t you worry😬😎– Cara will help! And for Sara’s trailer, Sara will be hauling horses down to Golden Spike and Connie will be picking them up on Saturday after the show.

Friday tentative schedule:
10am Depart

11:30-1pm Arrive at GS and unload horses/tack, water horses, and set up tack stall.

1pm-5pm: Schooling
– If you’d like to school dressage, you’ll set up a 30 min window with Cara on Friday.
– If you’re schooling SJ, there’ll be jumping windows in the late afternoon.

5pm- onward: Horse care, tack cleaning, bathing, stall cleaning, feeding, watering, and hand-walking.  **If you’re not staying overnight at Golden Spike, please ask for Cara’s help checking/walking your horse.  And if any of you are staying overnight, you can earn a few bucks volunteering your horse care services!🙌🏼**

Saturday tentative schedule:

SJ Course Walk: All levels from 7-7:30 🏃‍♀️
XC course walks:
7:30-8:15: BN and Novice walk with Chloë and Intro and Grasshopper walk with Cara.

*For ride times during the day, Cara will do up a board that’ll outline your tack up and warm up times* 📋

Annnnnnd, the other thing on the schedule is to HAVE FUNNNNNNN!!!!!🎉🥳🤩

💥Here are a list of the Peas riding this weekend, in case y’all need some networking and high-fiving and some emotional support.  Yessss TEAM!


And here are some main phone numbers in case y’all need to get in touch with one another:

Cara: 435-901-3877
Chloe: 603-455-8698
Sara: 801-891-8704
Connie: 801-450-0583

I think that’s it for right now.  This is likely the first of a fewwww emails (chalk it up this being my first time away from y’all- eeeek!) so let me know if you have any questions!