We’ve all been working hard this week dressage-ing, jumping, scrubbing, and packing 🙂
Here’s the plan for our departure to Skyline:
Horses will leave North fields on Thursday around 3 PM. If you’re not riding in my trailer, you’re still free to pack your things in my trailer and it’ll be up at the barn tomorrow afternoon 🙂
Reilly, Riata, Ringo
Magnum, Chico
Teddy and Andante
GK, Xena, Betty, Runner
And Ruby and Kacie and Mariam have their own wheels:)
For those of you who aren’t able to come down until Friday morning, make sure that you’ve spoken to me. We’re all happy to help out with your ponies in exchange for a good shoulder rub at the end of the day
For Friday, it sounds as though they’re offering schooling jump around. So depending on what each of you prefer, we will either be school and your size or jumping. I’ll set the Friday schedule that morning so that everyone knows the scoop. After you ride, you’re then free to plan your own tack cleaning, bathing, graining, and other general show shenanigans 🙂
Make sure you pack enough food and snacks and drinks for the whole weekend. We may go out for dinner over the course of the weekend, so be sure to bring cash!
Make sure you’ve considered your accommodations, whether in a hotel or at our Peas camp 🙂
It’s supposed to rain over the weekend, so bring plenty of warm clothes and make sure they are waterproof!
Call me with any questions.
Kick on!!