Hey all!
We’re jumping ALLLL the things on Saturday- I hope you’re excited!!
Here’s trailering:
I’m going to haul Ahdena’s trailer with Moon and Gigi, and we’ll leave NF at 9am. 
The other two trailers will leave the barn (promptly) at 11am:
Ahdena will haul my trailer and she’ll have Balou, Teddy, Xena, and Atlas.
And Sara’s trailer will have Georgia, Max, and Flynn.
Let “your driver” ‍✈️know if you’ll be at the barn beforehand to help load your horses or if you’re going to meet us at Scotsman Center and either way, make sure you have all your tack and bit and bobs either with you in your car or loaded in the trailer. 
I’m sure y’all will but please clean your tack AND your horses (it’s warm enough to wash legs and tails now!) so that everyone looks sparkly for Saturday! ⚡️ 
It’ll be a long day so bring food and water and maybe a chair and maybe a friend to cheer and yell and clap!
See you Saturday!!