Hi Everyone!
Here’s the plan for Skyline this weekend- I’m so excited!!!
The show is over three days, which means that dressage starts on Friday.  Go to this link if you don’t yet know your ride time: http://eventing.startboxscoring.com/eventsr/skyline/ht0517/
We’ll be leaving the barn early on Thursday morning so that we have the whole day to school show jumping/dressage, as well as bathe, braid, clean tack etc. on Thursday.
Here’s the trailering set-up:
My trailer: Hal, Bones, Betty, Satine
Sara’s trailer: Gani, Ellie, Gigi
And then we’ll meet Kacie and Faith and Ashley at the show!
**For Ahdena, Sara, and Mimi, as of Monday it’s up in the air whether or not Gigi will join us so I’m planning accordingly but y’all can decide on which trailer to bring (Sara’s or Ahdena’s) based on whether or not Gigi is coming.  I’m sure she’ll be all ready with bells on, but we can play that by ear!
Let’s leave North Fields at 7am, putting us to Skyline at 9am.  Deal?  The trailer will be up at the barn for hay, hay bags, tack, and suitcases on Wednesday evening.