Hey everyone!

We’re all still reeling from an amazing clinic weekend with Barb; thanks to everyone who came out to ride, play, watch, eat, and cheer!
A few quick items:
Team Training times are now half an hour later to account for later middle school.  Soooo…the Trot Pole group will be at 4pm, Intro and BN is at 5pm, and Novice and Training will be at 6:15pm. Dates are August 21, September 11, September 25. RSVP to me if you’d like to ride but need a horse! 🐎
I’d like to add an impromptu XC schooling before we take on a few more events this fall.  We’re going to go to Skyline on Friday, August 30th and don’t worry, we’ll be there all day so there’ll be plenty of opportunities for those people coming from school/work.  So if you’re planning on going to The Pumpkin or Skyline, and you’d like to school XC, let me know and I’ll get a schedule going!
Speaking of Pumpkin: will everyone who’s signed up for this event send me a text or email and let me know, even though you’ve probably already told me a million times😶? They don’t yet have a list of entries and I want to make sure I’m accounting for every Pea’s needs! 🍩  An FYI, the plan is to have our Skyline XC schooling supplement our standard Thursday schooling at The Pumpkin, so I want to make sure that no one is left feeling unprepared.
That’s all for now!!  Happy Monday! 📆