Ok, kids, try this schedule on for size: 💭

12-1:30: Georgia, Atlas/Woody

3-4:30: Cara, Brooke, Parker, Cayenne

4:30-5:15: Mariam

5:15-6:45: Mimi, Skye, Zoe, Keegan


And here’s trailering:

My trailer: Soro, Gigi, Flynn, Hamilton
Sara’s trailer: Georgia, Atlas, Woody
Mariam’s trailer: Hal, Balou
Cara’s trailer: May, Hero, Rowdy

Unless anyone let’s me know otherwise, trailers and trailer-drivers will plan to meet riders at Skyline, assuming that y’all are coming fresh out of work/school.  Please have all of your stuff either with you or packed in the trailer!  Call me with questions! ☎️