Hey all!!
We’re going to go and play on Skyline’s cross-country course- yippee!!!
This Saturday, the 14th, I have the following riders:
10-11:30: Jillian, Lily, Zoe, Katie
11:30-12:30ish: Redwood, Mary S.
1:15-2:45: Casey, Micaela, Mimi
2:45-4:15: Ahdena, Mariam, Sara
Trailering plans:
My trailer: Betty, Max, Flynn, Atlas
Faith’s trailer: Redwood, Hal, Gigi
Ahdena’s trailer: Teddy and Georgia
Micaela’s trailer: Gani, Lola
We’ll pull out of the barn at 7:30am, so please have your stuff already loaded and be to the barn no later than 7:00am in order to load your horse.  **If you’re not able to meet out at the barn to help load, please let me know and we’re happy to make sure your horse gets on the bus! **
If you’re driving solo, Skyline is located at Contoy Arena in Mount Pleasant, UT.
Make sure you bring a lunch and sunscreen and plenty of hydration!!
It’s going to be FUNNNNNN!!!‍♀️