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Hi everyone! Spring has sprung around the snow piles! 🙌🏼 Here’s to sunny dayssss!!! Just a note that Rachel is off on a grand adventure and won’t be back to teach for several weeks. 🏖️ So if you’re regularly on her Monday schedule at Tally Ho, then reach out to me (if...

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Hi everyone! Here are some announcements.  Wait…why is it still snowing?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Let’s pretend it’s not! Please read through this carefully because there are items that pertain to all, and some that pertain only to Redemption Peas. The Chicken Event is open for...

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⛅️ 🤞

Hi everyone!! I’m seeing light at the end of this snowy tunnel and I hope you are too!  Yippee!! ⛅️ You may have noticed that our April calendar seems be playing tricks on you and yes, dates and events really have been moving non-stop!  For example, Ram Tap just...

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❄️ 🤿

  Hi all! I’m feeling Spring Fever already, so let’s talk Upcoming Shenanigans! 🌸 Many of you may have already noticed that I’ve updated our 2023 Horse Show calendar.  Check it out here! https://3peasinapony.com/3-peas-services/ Our first event is March 10th,...

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In the most loving memory…

  In the most loving memory of Satine “You’re my favorite!”❤️ January 1999-November 15, 2022 I’m very proud of the program Satine created. She defined the quintessential Pea: hard-working, grit-eating, and completely devoted. There’s not a ride, lesson, or...

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A Day in the Life…‼️

  Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! I love the energy of this time of year; I’m always excited to make each year the best yet and 2022 is promising to be killer!🌠 Firstly, a HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful Peas for completely spoiling us instructors this...

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